Remember Trump Mortgage? Inside the GOP frontrunner’s failed mortgage venture --

Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump may have claimed that he predicted the fall of the American housing market before the bubble burst, but that didn’t stop him from launching a mortgage venture of his own at the height of the mortgage boom. Anyone remember Trump Mortgage?

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Global crisis good for mortgage lending? --

Watch out, crash coming!?!? Doubt it, but food for thought nonetheless, as three articles discuss the mortgage market and pending global crises. Plus, Accenture Mortgage Cadence, the digital solutions provided to mortgage finance players, transitioned all of its clients, which is more than 600 mortgage lenders across the United States, to the Cloud.

loanDepot announces new partnership with Orchard Platform --

Less than a year after moving beyond mortgages, loanDepot announced its partnership with Orchard Platform. The new partnership will allow loanDepot to compare its products to the marketplace lenders and the industry as a whole.

The fuzzy math of mortgage bankers --

In a recent HousingWire article published on February 22, 2016,entitled “The Math Behind the Need for GSE Reform,” Mortgage Bankers Association CEO David Stevens articulates several points relating to the conservatorships of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (collectively the “GSEs”) which merit close scrutiny against the facts.

The poverty housing industry is a problem --

We need more affordable housing, and not only for the poor, but for nurses and teachers that qualify for affordable, mixed-income housing. Too many “high opportunity” communities vigorously resist affordable housing.

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