Millennials can only afford 135 square feet of housing in San Francisco --

San Francisco is infamous for being overly competitive and obscenely expensive, and the reality of how expensive it is for Millennials just sunk in thanks to a new report.

Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates finally break above 4% --

Right as the year comes to a close, the average mortgage rate finally surpassed the 4% threshold for the first time in five months. However, this shouldn’t come as surprise since after the Fed raised interest rates Freddie Mac said it expected an increase in mortgage rates, which have hovered near or below 4% for much of this year. Click the headline to read more.

Freddie Mac: Housing posts strongest improvement in nearly a year and a half --

Housing markets across the country are steadily making their way into the stable range. Most of the improvement can be attributed to mortgage delinquencies continuing to decline at a steady pace, especially in those hardest hit markets.

If you’re an adventurer, this pro skier’s tiny home wins --

Tiny homes are quickly becoming a growing craze, and while they might not be for everyone, this professional skier makes it look perfect for any person who lives for the outdoors. If any part of you craves nature, this is the perfect home for you.

Is Nationstar about to completely rebrand itself? --

2015 turned out to be a tough year for Nationstar. But does the company have big plans to turn its fortunes? It certainly looks that way. Buried deep on Nationstar’s website in a most unlikely place is a look at what the company could be planning for 2016. And it’s big…as in reshaping the company’s entire public image big.

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