Inside the battle for the soul of New York’s top financial regulator --

Pushes from Wall Street and Capitol Hill’s most ardent Wall Street opponent have launched a battle over the direction, reach, and power of New York’s top financial regulator, leaving the New York Department of Financial Services without a leader or a direction. Will the NYDFS continue to be a fiercely zealous regulator with long reach and serious clout, or will the NYDFS become more of a friend than a foe to Wall Street?

If a mortgage lender requires a homebuyer’s divorce agreement, is that gender bias? --

One Reddit user posed this question, claiming she has been asked. So why could there be bias? “temp4mortgages” claims her ex-husband refinanced five times and was never asked by his lender for his divorce paperwork.

Fed proposes new bailout rules for biggest banks --

Eight of the country’s largest banks would be required to raise $ 120 billion to comply with a new rule proposed Friday by the Federal Reserve Board, with the money designated to recapitalize the bank should it fail, lessening the likelihood of a a government bailout.

LenderLive names Pete Pannes chief revenue officer --

LenderLive Network, a domestic-based, end-to-end mortgage services provider, announced the addition of Pete Pannes as the company’s first chief revenue officer. As LenderLive’s chief revenue officer, Pannes will be responsible for corporate sales, marketing and positioning strategies, as well as product development.

FormFree announces integration with Easy Mortgage Apps --

FormFree Holdings, a provider of automated asset verifications for the mortgage industry, announced that it successfully launched the integration of its AccountChek product with Easy Mortgage Apps, an app that allows loan officers, borrowers and real estate agents to track application status, communicate with all relevant parties and share time-sensitive data from a mobile device.

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