Excessive regulation of mortgage lending drags down bank profit --

Banking revenues were up but there’s an elephant in the room called mortgage lending, and around that elephant’s neck is an albatross. Guess what its name is.

NYC broker jailed for burglarizing $7.6 million home he sold --

A Manhattan real estate broker will spend the next three to nine years of his life in jail after he was found guilty of burglarizing a $ 7.6 million townhouse on the Upper West Side. So how did he choose his target? He was the broker who handled the sale of the house.

FirstKey announces expanded single-family rental loan program --

FirstKey is courting single-family rental investors by offering an expanded financing program. The company expects the program to reach both institutional and entrepreneurial investors seeking loans up to $ 5 million.

Median home price in October increases to highest since Sept. 2008 --

Price appreciation slowed in more than half the major metro markets, but 20 of them reached a new post-recession high. Here’s what that means going forward for housing.

Mortgage apps fall 4.3% despite low mortgage rates --

Mortgage rates are still at long-term lows but despite ticking up last week, mortgage applications remain doggedly down. Here’s how it breaks down.

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