Obama’s comments on Bernanke leave markets shaken --

President Obama’s statement about Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke overstaying his welcome can’t have been the send-off he was hoping for. The markets weren’t prepared for it either and as a result, interest rates shot up.

The New York Times

James Stewart

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Ron Baron: Geither sees five-year Fed exit strategy --

Chairman and CEO of Baron Capitol Ron Baron said that former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner admitted during a dinner that the Fed’s exit strategy could take another five years.


Matthew Belvedere

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Fight over eminent domain continues unabated --

The idea of governments using eminent domain to seize mortgages and restructure the debts sparked up in 2012 and quickly died down. But it never left for good. Eminent domain proposals keep popping up, most recently in a former Fed scholar’s white paper.

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Bank of America, Wells Fargo escape enforcement actions on servicing issues --

Bank of America and Wells Fargo managed to escape an enforcement action by state and fed officials over allegations that the mega banks violated terms of the $ 25 billion mortgage servicing settlement reached in 2012.


David McLaughlin

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Southeastern housing markets remain lackluster due to shortages --

A deficit in workers, particularly skilled trades, combined with a shortage of available inventory and tighter mortgage qualification standards are holding back a housing recovery in the southeast.

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