Mortgage rates fall below average due to Fed decisions --

The trend across the nation has been for rate reduction and the Federal Reserve policy is the driving factor as it committed to buying $ 45 billion more in longer term U.S. Treasuries. 

The Business Journal

Lee Weisbecker

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Most interesting houses of 2012 --

Whether they are strange, cute, star-studded or risque, the homes on the AOL Real Estate Best Homes 2012 list are sure to make you raise a brow.

AOL Real Estate

Graham Wood

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Investors in RMBS not happy about expanded government refi proposal --

Reports that the Treasury Department would like to expand government refinancing programs to help borrowers with nongovernment-backed loans have upset RMBS investors.


Stephanie Dhue

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Investors move into safe-haven assets --

Treasurys rose on Friday, which nudged yields lower, as the fiscal cliff looms with no solution in sight. Yields on benchmark 10-year notes fell 2 basis points to 1.72%, the lowest since mid-December. 


Wallace Witkowski

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Deadline for foreclosure review looms for millions --

Millions of Americans are at risk of losing the option to partake in a foreclosure review period that automatically investigates the potential for errors and bad practices in the default process. The deadline for the mandatory review is next week.

USA Today

Julie Schmit

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